Available immediately, iMacros 12.5 is a maintenance release with many fixes, in particular:

  • Support for client certificate dialogs in Windows 10. iMacros Browser handling of these certificates has been restored in all Windows versions as well.
  • Support for authentication credentials dialogs (ONLOGIN) in Windows 10 IE11.

Furthermore, iMacros 12 provides a long list of enhancements including:

  • iMacros Editor 12, with custom syntax highlighting, optimized function layout, a new Code Color Styler with transferrable styles and syntax highlighting rules.
  • A redesigned UI optimized for easier navigation and a more user-friendly experience including support for control docking for access during recording, timestamps and custom naming.
  • Faster and more reliable image validation algorithms using more efficient memory allocation
  • Enhanced security with FIPS compliant, AES-256 encryption for iMacros and iMacros Editor.

New: iMacros Editor 12

iMacros Editor 12 has been completely redesigned to provide:

  • A new, modern look in the editor including all dialog windows
  • An optimized layout with the most used functions now always at hand in the sidebar tools panel
  • Dark and Custom code highlighting themes reachable from the Settings menu
  • An iMacros Code Color Styler that allows controls code highlighting colors. The settings are saved in an xml file that can be transferred and used on other iMacros installations.
  • The ability to customize the syntax highlighting rules also for VBScript, JavaScript, C#, Java, and XML files by modifying the XML Syntax Highlighting Definition files (.xshd) directly.

A Completely Redesigned UI

iMacros v12.0.501 has a completely redesigned UI with:

  • New colors, a modern and clean design, user friendly experience
  • A simplified iMacros Browser main menu with redundant items removed (Play, Record, etc.)
  • Dark and Custom code highlighting themes reachable from the Settings menu
  • iMacros Browser main menu items in one single drop down menu
  • New main menu buttons (icons), for standard browser actions (home, navigate forward, navigate backward, and refresh)
  • Record and replay buttons combined with pause, to better access pause/resume functionalities during recording or playback
  • Record/Pause, Play/Pause, and Stop controls that are always shown on the sidebar. No more switching tabs between record and playback actions
  • A Play button that now includes play loop functionality
  • Recording Options that can be docked to iMacros Browser window and accessed at any time during recording
  • The ability to open new tab from the tab context menu
  • The ability to sort your macros also by date, placing the most recent on top. This way it is easy to find the last recorded macro
  • Custom naming for new recordings with support for timestamps in the name
  • New Pause/Resume recording
  • New Parameter FAIL=YES/NO for IMAGESEARCH. If Fail=true, the command throws error NonExpectedImageFound = -1850 when image is found. There is no replay on failure
  • A new macro command DISPLAY to display a message in the sidebar
  • Numerous bug fixes
  • And a major security enhancement with iMacros and iMacros Editor now using only FIPS compliant, AES-256 encryption.

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