iMacros is part of the Ipswitch family of tools and services.
iMacros Features

Free Browser Add-ons

Standard Edition

Enterprise Edition

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Free Trial Buy Now

Manual iMacro Playback check check check
Playback Unencrypted Macros check check check
Playback Encrypted Macros check
Standalone iMacros browser included check check
Unlimited-user Player license check
iMacros Playback via API check
Create Custom Passwords for Encrypted Macros check
Scripting / Recording
Macro Recording check check check
Macro Editing (Unencrypted Macros) check check check
Macro Editing (Encrypted Macros) check
Internet Explorer: Automate via API check
Firefox: Automate via API check
Chrome: Automate via API check
iMacros Browser: Automate via API check
Password Encryption check check check
Popup Manager check check check
Support Flash, Silverlight, Java, Flex check check
Image Search / Recognition check check
DirectScreen check check
Automation & Testing
Website Response Time Measurement check check check
Use of Variables check check check
Command Line Interface check check
Task Scheduling check check
Batch File Support check check
Runs in Background (Tray) check check
Scripting Interface (API) check
Windows Scripting Host Support (API) check
MS Office, Excel VBA Scripting check
MS .NET Support (VB.NET, C#, J#, ASP.NET) (API) check
API Supports All Scripting/Programming Languages check
Data Input
Use CSV as input to iMacros check check check
Read data from text files as input to iMacros check check check
Read data from databases (API) check
Read / Write XML files (API) check
Web Page Data Extraction
Extract Webpage Data check check check
Save data as CSV file check check check
Use of iMacros API check
Service / Support
Expert Technical Support check check

Free Trial Buy Now

Free Trial Buy Now

If you need assistance deciding which version of iMacros fits your needs, please ask us.

Upgrading your iMacros Edition

The Standard Edition can be upgraded to the Enterprise Edition. To find out more, visit your Customer Portal.

Distributing Your iMacros-based Solutions

If you plan to distribute your solution we highly recommend the iMacros Enterprise Edition which includes free unlimited player licenses for use inside your company.

For distributing macros outside your company you can purchase the iMacros WebBrowser Component for .NET separately. The iMacros WebBrowser Component for .NET license allows unlimited, royalty-free distribution to anyone (outside your company, web downloads, cloud-based service, etc.). This license is required even if you don’t actually use the component for building your application and are instead building solutions for external distribution using the Enterprise Edition. For more information and pricing for the iMacros WebBrowser Component for .NET, contact our sales team.

The key difference between Enterprise/Standard Editions and the iMacros Players (including WebBrowser Component for .NET) is the missing recording feature.

Player License examples:

Question: I want to set up 12 PCs at twelve locations to monitor a WEB application and upload response time data to a central database. What license do I need to order?
Answer: You only need to order one iMacros Enterprise Edition license to create (record) the macros (Note: This assumes that you do all the recording on one machine). To replay the macros on your monitoring servers you can use the free iMacros Enterprise Player license that is included in every Enterprise Edition purchase.

Question: Am I able to run the player concurrently?
Answer: Yes! Technically there is no limit in the number of Players that can run concurrently. The number is only limited by the memory and CPU resources of your machine(s). As a rule of thumb, you can open as many iMacros Player instances as you could open Internet Explorers instances on a given machine. From a license point of view, you can run an unlimited number of iMacros Players on the same machine at no extra charge (it counts as one license only).

Question: I integrated iMacros with a C# program. The C# program creates the iMacros scripts on-the-fly inside the C# program. Can I redistribute iMacros with my program?
Answer: Yes! You only need to purchase one iMacros WebBrowser Component for .NET license and you can ship your program along with a copy of the iMacros Player to your users. Alternatively, you can even bundle the iMacros runtime files directly into your installer. Furthermore, if you want to embed iMacros inside your .NET program and have full control over the user interface (no iMacros GUI or branding) then use the iMacros WebBrowser Component for .NET.

Question: I have only two developers but users are scattered in different countries like USA, Canada, China, HK, Singapore, etc. After development, can I distribute the scripts to all these users via the ‘Unlimited Users iMacros Player License’, or do I have to buy and keep at least one iMacros Enterprise Edition version in each country?
Answer: If your users are within the same company or subsidiary, a two user Enterprise Edition license (for the two developers) and the free Enterprise Player for all other iMacros users is sufficient. The iMacros users use the Player version to replay the macros recorded by the developers.

If the users are external to your company (e. g. you intend to sell or distribute your iMacros-based solution to external customers via download or offer a web/cloud-based service that makes use of iMacros) you also need the iMacros WebBrowser Component for .NET, which includes a royalty-free license for distributing and offering your iMacros solutions. As a component owner you have the option of creating your own iMacros software, or you can simply redistribute our original iMacros software with the Player key to all your users.