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General Questions

The Standard version is a great fit for an individual, who need to do automation, data extraction, or web testing but doesn't need to integrate with other applications. They just need to do straightforward tasks like login to a website, navigate to a page, delete forum posting (which includes several clicks like: "Are you sure?", "Return to forum", ...)

By comparison, the Enterprise Edition includes the iMacros API and is designed to manage complex automation, extraction, and web testing tasks such as interfacing with online databases and websites sites like Amazon, Ebay or; downloading prices, images, product descriptions, or exchange rates; updating a database with the latest pricing information; regression testing, performance testing, or simulating complex visitor activities (e.g. check hotel room availability or test a complete purchase process); or testing AJAX, Flash or Java applets to name a few uses of the Enterprise Edition.

The Enterprise edition also includes the use of the iMacros player, which you can use to run macros from different locations across a single organization. For example, let's say you write a macro to assist your order entry team. You could use the player to load and run the macro on every order entry workstation.

The macros recorded with iMacros work on almost all sites. Even if the standard click methods fail (for example on Flash of Java applets) the DirectScreen command can be used in almost all cases.

If you think you have found a web site where iMacros does not work please let us know. We are very interested to hear of such cases and will assist you in finding a solution.

The paid versions (Enterprise and Standard editions) include much more feature rich functionality than the free browser versions, including the iMacros API (ideal for integration), playback of encrypted macros, support for Flash, Silverlight, Java, and much more. Visit our product comparison page for full details.

Yes, all the macros you create with the free browser plugin can be used with both the Standard and Enterprise versions.

Purchasing iMacros

If you originally ordered the Standard edition and want to upgrade to the Enterprise edition, you can order the upgrade using your Customer Portal.

With your initial purchase you receive access to 1 year tech support and 1 year of access to all product new releases and and updates. After your first year, you can purchase an annual service agreement which gives you access to the same level of tech support, new releases and updates.

Each edition includes a license for a single user and 1 year of tech support and access to all product new releases and updates.

Prior to iMacros 10.1, the iMacros license is NOT hardware locked. You can un-install the software on one machine and move it to another machine without problems as often as you need.

iMacros 10.1 and later utilize online activation. In order to transfer your license to another machine, you must first deactivate the license (Help > Activate iMacros > Remove License) and then reactivate iMacros on the new machine.

The Enterprise Player license included with the Enterprise Edition allows an *unlimited* number of users and installations of the iMacros Player within your company or organization. For public distribution of your solution without royalty payment, an OEM Player license is required.

Integrating and Distributing iMacros

Yes, to do so you need the iMacros Enterprise Edition which includes free unlimited player licenses. This would allow you distribute the macros you create within the same company or subsidiary.

Yes. For distributing macros to your clients, you can purchase the iMacros Web Component separately. The OEM iMacros Web Component allows unlimited, royalty free distribution to anyone (outside your company, web downloads, etc.). For more information and pricing for the iMacros Web Component, contact our sales team.

If you want to embed iMacros inside your .NET program and have full control over the user interface (no iMacros GUI or branding), you'd need to purchase the iMacros .NET Browser Control Component.

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