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Find out how Civica uses iMacros to automate the web scraping of fast-changing data, such as currency conversion rates and banking data.

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About Civica

Civica provides specialist systems and outsourcing services to the public sector in the UK, Europe and Australia. Civica’s services include corporate-level service transformations, electronic document management (EDM) systems, managed parking infrastructures, fully integrated IT infrastructures, E-payments systems and fully integrated database e-service solutions. Civica works with 94 percent of UK local authorities as well as most police forces in England & Wales.

How Civica Used iMacros

Civica partnered with Ipswitch’s iMacros software to automate the complex steps required to access websites, sign in, and acquire specific information to populate databases. Civica chose iMacros because they needed a reliable out-of-the-box solution they could integrate quickly.

Civica was impressed with iMacros ability to automate a constantly repeated function that didn’t seem to lend itself to automation. “With iMacros we can do managed downloads like BACS reports, which include the electronic processing of financial debit and credit transactions.” said Richard Brabrook, Civica Automation’s General Manager. “iMacros can also handle complex interactions such as credential password change on-demand, and anti-bot measures such as requesting variable character positions from password.”

To find out more, download a complete PDF copy of the case study today.