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This version is a major upgrade to iMacros for Firefox and represents a significant milestone to maintain compatibility with the Firefox browser. Specifically, only iMacros 9 and later is compatible with the new Multiprocess Windows support (also known as Electrolysis, or e10s) available in Firefox 48 and later.

If you are using the latest Firefox and Multiprocess Windows support is enabled, then you’ll also need to upgrade to iMacros for Firefox 9.0.3.

Due to some of the constraints imposed on add-on developers by this new browser architecture, some features of iMacros are no longer available in Firefox. For a complete list of the changes, please see the iMacros version history.

Please be aware also that iMacros 8.9.7 will continue to work with Firefox 48 if Multiprocess Windows support is disabled.

We welcome user feedback about this and every release! Feel free to join us and other iMacros users in the iMacros for Firefox forum and share your thoughts as well as report any unknown issues.