Web Automation inside your .NET Software

If your .NET application needs to connect to websites, fill out online forms or scrape data from websites, use the iMacros WebBrowser Component to do the job.

With the embeddable iMacros WebBrowser Component for .NET (available for purchase as a separate product), you can build your own .NET application with the same playback power of the iMacros Browser in just a few hours. Simply use the iMacros WebBrowser Component instead of the Microsoft WebBrowser control inside your software. iMacros takes care of all the low level web automation work (DOM handling, events, Windows hooks, etc.), so you can concentrate on what really counts: Your business case.

What’s in the iMacros WebBrowser Component?

All of the playback functionality of iMacros organized in a tabbed web browser control (100% Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser control compatible), a dialog manager, image recognition, plus Direct Screen technology for automating Flash, Java, and Silverlight. In essence, you’re getting the core engine used in the iMacros Browser for rendering and automating web pages. And just like iMacros Browser, the component is 100% Internet Explorer compatible.

Automate Your Applications in Minutes

Quickly and easily integrate iMacros into your application. No separate installer required.

Seamless Integration

iMacros seamlessly integrates with your.NET applications, acting as a drop-in replacement for the Microsoft WebBrowser control. It can even be used as component inside every .NET application just like a browser control.

White Label Branding

iMacros is hosted inside your application. You have complete control over the look and feel. Your license includes a royalty-free distribution of all programs that you create with the component.

Get Started Fast

With complete C# and -VB.NET sample projects, the iMacros WebBrowser Component for .NET makes it easy for get your new your new project started fast, reducing the time it takes for you to get your software product to market. To get started with the iMacros WebBrowser Component, please download the free trial version from our iMacros download page (second download from the top).

C# with iMacros Browser Control C# with iMacros Browser Control

Visual Basic Test App Visual Basic Test App

Visual Studio Browser Control Visual Studio Browser Control