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Thank you to everyone who joined us for our iMacros webinar,  Learn How to Automate Complex Web Tasks. We had a big turnout and received some great questions from our user community. If you missed the webinar or would like to watch it again, we’ve included an embedded link to view the full recording. You can also download the iMacros scripting solution files for scraping listings from the (US) YellowPages site, which is exactly what our own Tom DiMarco demonstrated during the webinar using the iMacros Professional Edition.


If you joined us yesterday, we’d love to hear you thoughts about the webinar. Did you find it useful? What was most helpful/least helpful?  What other topics could we cover in future webinars? Please post your comments, opinions, and question in our iMacros Community Forum. If you’re are not already a member, we invite you to join. They are a great resource for getting started with iMacros. Also, if you’d like to keep up with the latest iMacros news and receive future invites to upcoming webinars, please signup for our newsletter.

Questions and Answers

Our webinar audience had some great questions. Here’s a quick summary of those we answered during the live session and some we couldn’t get to because we ran out of time. If you have a question that’s not answered here – please let us know and we’ll be happy to respond.

Q: What’s the difference between a free version (addon in Firefox) and iMacros browser?
The Firefox addon is a free version of iMacros that, obviously, works with the Firefox browser. The iMacros Browser is our own emulated browser – similar to IE – that is part of our licensed product versions. You’ll have more features and capabilities, like what we’re talking about today.

Q: How much is the iMacros WebBrowser Component for .NET and how many times can I integrate it into my .NET software?
A: The pricing is $2,995 US per developer seat. There are no limits in the number of products you can integrate with it.

Q: Does iMacros run on the Linux and Mac operating systems?
A: The free browser addons  (iMacros for Chrome and iMacros for Firefox )include Mac and Linux support. The iMacros Browser and the Scripting interface require the Windows operating system.

Q: Could the command set !errorignore yes/no be used instead of the multiple anchors and extractions?
A: These are different techniques. If you want to find something specific on a page with many similar elements (like the yellow page listing), then anchors are the way to go. If you want to ignore something (e. g. an ad or a popup that appears sometimes) then errorignore is a possible method.

Q: Great presentation, but some of what has been presented is a little over my head. is there a good resource to help us learn iMacros?
A: We will be providing Tom’s reference materials to all attendees. Our iMacros Wiki is a good resource,  as are our Community Forums.

Q: What is the different between iMacros for Firefox addon  and the iMacros Enterprise edition (paid version)?
A: With the iMacros Enterprise Edition you have image recognition and can automate and test websites using images instead of cumbersome X/Y coordinates. For example, You tell iMacros how a button looks like and iMacros will find it on the page. You also have the Extraction Wizard, which makes it easy to extract the information you need from websites, and finally you have full access to the Browser API (scripting interface), which is what we demonstrated during the webinar. These are the thee main differences, for a complete list , check out our product comparison chart.

Q: What version of iMacros was used for the session today?
A: V10.0 Enterprise Edition

Q: I’m a mac developer. Can you do the same thing with groovy rather than vbscript?
A: Sorry, the iMacros scripting interface is Windows only. But on Windows, you can use any scripting or programming language.

Q: Can iMacros run as a background process that executes particular scripts at various times of the day?
Yes, you can automate (schedule) the iMacros Standard and Enterprise Editon via the Windows task scheduler or any other similar software. Please see

Q:Some websites don’t want the user to automate navigation, e.g. a pop-up window appears at random times that causes iMacros to time out on the current operation. Is there a way around this problem?
A: Usually the dialog manager can handle (close) these, see

Q: Does the latest version of the iMacros WebBrowser Component for .NET have native DLL (The old version did not)?
A: Yes

Thanks again everyone for attending the webinar.

The iMacros Team