by / Wednesday, 12 February 2014 / Published in Browser Addon Announcements, Product Announcements

Today we released iMacros 10 – the first iMacros version with native 64-bit support!

In addition to the native 64-bit mode, iMacros 10 includes full Internet Explorer 11 and Windows 8/8.1 support – all while maintaining support for all Windows platforms down to XP and IE9.

In addition, the iMacros Sidebar (the part of iMacros that lives in IE) is now fully compatible with IE’s Enhanced Protected Mode. Automating your web browsing, web testing and data extraction was never easier and more secure.

We also added support for several HTML5 new input types (search, email, range, etc).

This is a free upgrade for all users with an active upgrade protection plan. You can download iMacros 10 here.