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With this release, the youngest member of the iMacros add-on family continues to play catch up with its older siblings and adds support for the following features:

EVENT mode provides a different way for iMacros to automate web elements that the conventional TAG command may have difficulties with, for example:

  • Sliders
  • Tricky date controls
  • Dynamic drop-down boxes
  • Drag & Drop

Users who are already familiar with CSS syntax may find the new CSS selector support for the TAG command to be beneficial. Now it is possible to specify a CSS selector expression in the SELECTOR parameter of the TAG command for identifying an element on the page. It is also possible to record this way by enabling “Use CSS selectors” in the recording options.

As Google Chrome continues to dominate the browser space, we will continue to improve iMacros for Chrome to make it as robust and feature-rich as the more mature iMacros add-ons for Firefox and IE. Here is a brief list of some of the commands that have been added to iMacros for Chrome over the past year or so:

  • IMAGESEARCH (requires commercial license)
  • SIZE

Did you know that iMacros is part of the Ipswitch family of products? To better introduce our users to Ipswitch, we’re continuing to highlight some of the tools and solutions that are used and trusted by IT professionals all over the globe everyday! These highlights can be found at the bottom of the iMacros sidebar where the iMacros logo would normally display.

We know from the results of our 2016 iMacros User Survey that a good number of iMacros users are IT professionals that may also benefit from our other offerings. Please bear in mind that Ipswitch continues to offer and support freeware versions of iMacros for Chrome, Firefox, and IE, as well as providing the more robust iMacros Standard and Enterprise Editions, and the developer-friendly iMacros WebBrowser Component for .NET.