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Update 2014/5/26: A new version with a fix is available in the Google Chrome extension gallery. For more details please see 

If you have any questions or still encounter issues, please inform us in the iMacros for Chrome user forum.

It is as bad as it sounds. iMacros for Chrome works just fine in Chrome 34 but once Chrome auto-updates to V35 macro play or edit are broken. We are investigating this issue with high priority.  We found the culprit and hope to provide a fix for it by tomorrow – please stay tuned.

For the developers among our user base, here is what our iMacros Javascript-Guru had to say about the issue:

They changed Javascript interface in a way that window.frames now does not return an array of DOM window objects corresponding to sub frames of a window, how it used to be earlier and documented all over the Internet, e.g. the w3c states that:

In stead, it now returns an array of <frameElement> objects that still can provide the access to the underling DOM document through contentDocument property (see ) which is, maybe, closer to what of modern practices should be. That’s why it probably is pointless to send them a bug report concerning the issue.

The problem is that the iMacros for Chrome uses the window.frames old-style assuming that the array contains DOM windows.

Also, it seems they haven’t mentioned this change anywhere explicitly: 


6 Responses to “Chrome 35 update breaks iMacros for Chrome [Fixed]”

  1. JF CHIVRACQ says :

    Possible Workarounds in the meantime (until an Update for iMacros for CR is available) are to use Chrome Portable (v34) or Comodo Dragon which are not impacted…
    See this Thread on the Forum for more Info:

  2. tom says :

    Any update on a fix for the chrome 35 issue?

  3. Tom says :

    Any update on the Chrome 35 issue?

  4. karl says :

    Still not working on my pc and i guess chrome updated to 3.6 version
    Thank you 🙂

  5. Sas says :

    It doesn’t work with Chrome. File Access Installer – doesn’t work. Only black window and nothing. Win7