iMacros is part of the Ipswitch family of tools and services.

Using iMacros with JMeter, you can perform load tests with 100% realistic testing data to accurately reflect true end-user experiences. Most load testing tools simulate only the server side traffic that is generated by the browser at the HTTP layer. iMacros makes the difference by testing the complete web application inside the browser on the

Introduction to iMacros

Thursday, 30 April 2015 by

What is iMacros? This new video explains it in less then two minutes:   Direct link:

The following examples are based on the use of the WhatsUp Gold Server (WUG) of Ipswitch Inc.   1     Handling Dynamic IDs Normally, the automatically generated macro files work the way they are recorded by iMacros. However, sometimes an error occurs during replay due to a “tricky” or dynamic web page. In this case, editing the