iMacros is part of the Ipswitch family of tools and services.

Getting Started with iMacros Professional Editions

The iMacros Wiki & General Resources

Everything you need to know about iMacros can be found in our Wiki. From getting started to basic basic browser automation to complex web testing. You’ll also find a rich library of sample code. We also invite you to review all the videos and other content found on our resources page.

Tutorials & Community Forum

We want you to be become a web automation guru and we’ve put together a number of resources to make learning iMacros simple and intuitive. If you prefer to interact with others, the best place to start is the Community Forums. You’ll also find a number of videos on YouTube, both videos created by our team and those created by our customers.

Getting Started Video Tutorials

If you're completely new to web automation, you'll find these two videos quite useful. They are general - but show excellent examples of web browser automation and from filling.

Online Demo Part 1
Online Demo Part 2

Which Professional Edition Is Best for You?

Enterprise Edition

Our most popular product, the Enterprise Edition (with the iMacros API) is designed to manage complex automation, extraction, and web testing tasks such as:

  • Interfacing with online databases and websites sites like Amazon, Ebay or
  • Downloading prices, images, product descriptions, or exchange rates
  • Updating a database with the latest pricing information;
  • Regression testing, performance testing, or functionality testing
  • Simulating complex visitor activities (e.g. check hotel room availability or test a complete purchase process)
  • Testing AJAX, Flash or Java applets

The Enterprise edition also includes the use of the iMacros player, which you can use to run macros from different locations across a single organization. For example, let's say you write a macro to assist your order entry team. You could use the player to load and run the macro on every order entry workstation.

Standard Edition

By comparison, the Standard edition you can easily accomplish straightforward tasks such as a login to a website, navigate to a page, delete forum posting (which includes several clicks like: "Are you sure?", "Return to forum", etc).

iMacros Component for .NET

If your .NET application needs to connect to websites, fill out online forms, or scrape data from websites, you can use the iMacros WebBrowser Component to do the job.