Make the Most of the iMacros for Internet Explorer

Tutorials & Community Forum

We want you to be become a web automation guru and we've put together a number of resources to make learning iMacros simple and intuitive. If you prefer to read and interact with others, two of the best places for you to start are the iMacros Wiki and our Community Forums. You'll also find a number of videos on YouTube, both videos created by our team and those created by our customers.

Free for Private and Commercial Use

Yes! the iMacros for Internet Explorer browser add-on is free for private and commercial use. As your web automation needs grow, or if you need more functionality, such as automating Flash, Silverlight or Java applets; sophisticated image recognition technology; or a full-featured API to integrate iMacros with other applications, please consider purchasing one of our Professional Editions.

iMacros in the Cloud!

Take Control with Alertfox
Built on iMacros technology, AlertFox can monitor the performance of any website or web application, verify simple and complex transactions, track the response time of each step in a transaction, and deliver a great web experience for your users. Start your free 30 day trial today.

AlertFox Can Monitor Any Kind of Website

Business Websites
Know your website is up and performing as planned. Verify key transactions such as file upload or download are available.
E-Commerce Websites
Monitor your e-commerce checkout procedure from end-to-end. Get alerted the moment a delay or outage occurs.
SAAS Applications
Verify all functionality is available. Make sure your customers can login and access to their business critical app.
Internal Applications
Make sure employees can access and perform the tasks they need with your internal web apps. Verify that no delays exist.
Interactive Websites
Know rich internet applications are performing as planned. Get alerted immediately if Flash or Silverlight is down.
Customer Portals
From login to transaction completion, verify customers have access to all application functionality including AJAX forms.
Gaming Websites
Make sure rich internet applications aren't the cause of problems. Verify Flash, Silverlight, and ActiveX are available.
Online Services
Know your customers are having a great experience. Verify javascript and AJAX based are running smoothly.

Consider our Professional Editions

Enterprise Edition

Our most popular product, the Enterprise Edition (with the iMacros API) is designed to manage complex automation, extraction, and web testing tasks such as:

  • Interfacing with online databases and websites sites like Amazon, Ebay or
  • Downloading prices, images, product descriptions, or exchange rates
  • Updating a database with the latest pricing information;
  • Regression testing, performance testing, or functionality testing
  • Simulating complex visitor activities (e.g. check hotel room availability or test a complete purchase process)
  • Testing AJAX, Flash or Java applets

The Enterprise edition also includes the use of the iMacros player, which you can use to run macros from different locations across a single organization. For example, let's say you write a macro to assist your order entry team. You could use the player to load and run the macro on every order entry workstation. Find out more.

Standard Edition

By comparison, the Standard edition you can easily accomplish straightforward tasks such as a login to a website, navigate to a page, delete forum posting (which includes several clicks like: "Are you sure?", "Return to forum", etc). Find out more.

iMacros Component for .NET

If your .NET application needs to connect to websites, fill out online forms, or scrape data from websites, you can use the iMacros WebBrowser Component to do the job. Find out more.