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Ipswitch continues to innovate as part of the Progress family and we are proud to release an updated version of iMacros as of November 12, 2019. iMacros v12.6 is now available and includes features that let you:

  • Create Playlists to run a sequence of macros from the GUI or command line
  • Automate Printing to PDF/XPS files using Microsoft native print drivers
  • Support Encrypted Content (i.e. passwords) with DirectScreen and IMAGECLICK commands
  • Encrypt the iMacros Master Password with Windows user credentials
  • Directly Retrieve Macro Variable Values with the new iimGet() API method
  • And many more…

With the new Playlist functionality, Professional and Enterprise Edition customers now have an additional tool for playing a collection of macros. This is especially handy for common automated workflows such as:

  • Run a search/query macro, and then loop a macro to extract results
  • Login, repeat a number of steps, logout

Of course, the Enterprise scripting interface (API) continues to provide additional flexibility and better error handling for these types of scenarios, but for simpler use cases, playlists provide a quick and easy way to automate the playback and looping of a set of macros using the GUI or command line.

Playlist GUI

Run a playlist using the iMacros GUI

Playlist Command Line

Run a playlist from the command line

iMacros Playlist Generator

Create playlists using the iMacros Editor

For more information on playlists, visit the Playlist and -playlist wiki pages.

Get It Today!

Macros v12.6 is available now and also includes a number of security improvements and fixes for specific customer issues. Specific details on all improvements in this version can be found in the iMacros 12.6 release notes.

Customers with an active service agreement can download the latest version from theIpswitch Community  or download a free trial of iMacros v12.6 today! 

Please note: Professional and Enterprise Edition customers who are upgrading and who also use either iMacros for Chrome or Firefox will need to install the latest File Access for iMacros Extensions module.


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