by / Wednesday, 06 December 2017 / Published in Browser Addon Announcements

Ipswitch announces iMacros for Chrome 10.0 with updates for both the Freeware and Personal editions. iMacros for Chrome 10.0.0 offers an updated, cleaner user interface combined with new support for file uploads and full support for Events mode.

Users with active service agreements for iMacros 12 will be able to access the new licensing application needed to upgrade to iMacros for Chrome 10.0. Download the Installer from your Ipswitch Community account at

  • Login to your account
  • Select My Products
  • Select your license
  • Click the Download link to download the installer for the File Access module.
  • After installing, the File Access module will automatically detect whether there is an iMacros license on the machine and only prompt you to enter your activation code if necessary

With thanks for input from our customers and partners, Ipswitch has updated iMacros for Chrome with:

  • New color and icons, modern and clean design
  • New support for file uploads
  • Added replay speed control to the iMacros Settings
  • Added support for the !PLAYBACKDELAY command
  • Added read-only !FOLDER_MACROS and !FOLDER_DOWNLOAD variables to specify the directory for saving macros
  • Events mode now fully supported.
  • Fixed numerous software errors

With the release of iMacros for Chrome 10.0, some features are only available with a Personal Edition (or higher) license. Details can be found below:

Feature Free edition Paid version (any) Affected commands
Play macros Only as bookmarks, up to 50 lines. As bookmarks and files, any length
Record macros Only as bookmarks, up to 50 lines As bookmarks and files, any length
Save macros Only as bookmarks As bookmarks and files
Read input from CSV files No Yes !DATASOURCE
Save extracted data to file No Yes SAVEAS, SAVEITEM
Make screenshots of webpage No Yes SCREENSHOT, SAVEAS
Save stopwatch data to a file No. Data can still be referenced in macro via the !STOPWATCH variable Yes !FILESTOPWATCH, !FOLDERSTOPWATCH
Profile macro performance No Yes !FILE_PROFILER