Testimonials – Data Extraction

An Extra Employee

We use iMacros Enterprise Edition to manage our online advertising and compile sales information so that we can effectively compute our ROI and make decisions based on it. Integrating the software into our development process has gone very smoothly and your customer support has been phenomenal. Our experience with using iMacros has been like having an extra employee to do the work. It's an essential tool for anybody who spends a great deal of time every day on websites gathering information or running reports.

Eric Adem

A Suberb Product

Within 5 days since I had ever heard of iMacros, 3 days since I started seriously looking at it, and within 1 day of purchase I have successfully extracted 30 fields across 2 pages from a total of 1265 accounts and generated a concise, accurate data file that our current vendor was holding hostage for the very small price tag of US$ 15000. Thanks again for all your help, and kudos on superb product.

Garry Petzold
First State Bank of Altus

Saving Money Extracting Data

TaxSaleLists.Com prepares and posts over 5,000 lists, totaling 1.5 million properties, for tax sales in the United States each year. We use the macro program to get complete assessor information on the properties involved for our clients. This entails running iMacros program almost 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but saves us at least $250,000 dollars a year in data acquisition costs.

John Lane

Efficient Data Extraction

iMacros allowed me to search over 20,000 properties on a county website to find 200 that were about to be lost to foreclosure. From that list of 200 properties I was able to do a deal that netted over six figures in profit. Without the power of iMacros to sort through the huge list, I never could have done it. I now recommend the iMacros to all my students.

Rick Dawson