Testimonials – Web Testing

A Scalable Toolset

To give you some sizing – our website is over 1\4 million lines of code with complex business rules\logic. Our defect rate is well below industry standards through two major releases last year. One of the releases impacted over 40% of site pages. On top of this we migrated the site to new government facility last year and iMacros helped us quickly validate the site during the migration.

Marcella Hanyok

Cross Browser Testing

Thanks! This solution is killer for our cross platform / cross browser testing! I have a VM setup in VirtualBox, and I pointed all of the paths to the same place on the host, so I have one folder for macros, shared by IE / XP , Firefox XP and Firefox Linux 64. The ability to have one macro language work in different browsers, is huge.

Pete Smith

Testing Flash Apps

Great application, I'm a flash developer and the games I create have to be played 1000's of times before I can submit them officially to test. I spent weeks looking for a suitable test app and have found yours to be fantastic. I have gradually crept up from the free version to the Enterprise version and think it's money well spent. Being able to run iMacros directly from flash builder is so useful - you save me about a weeks boring work.

Matt Hutchinson

Intuitive Web Testing

iMacros works great. I implemented it in my product test solution of wireless modems with embedded web pages. It brought the manual test of 10 minutes to an automated test of 90 seconds.

Steve Thue
Motorola Inc

Measuring Response Time

We started using the program to measure response times from our Online Store. Together with a spreadsheet application statistics are generated smoothly and automatically. The simplicity in the use of the program and the excellent email-support - reply to questions often came only hours later - made it easy to decide for the program during the trial phase. Further application of the program for regular testing routines is ongoing and I have the feeling we haven't even touched the full potential of the software.

Dieter Plass
Quelle Neue Medien

Testing and Debugging Web Apps

My current project is to help track and debug a custom web application that includes filling in hundreds of data fields. This first time I watched my macro automatically fill out 240 data fields on 7 screens all by itself, I pretty much started to giggle. What used to take 20 minutes of mindless typing was now happening by itself in less than a minute! Wow!

Dave Russell
Summit Projects Inc