More Work Done in Less Time

We have many different categories and subcategories [on our auction web site]. Each auction section needs to have a display template and input template uploaded through cold fusion software. We have over 2,000 sections. This took about 2 and a half days to complete, even if it was a small change in one of the templates. With this software it takes only 45 min.

Timeshare Resale Help Line Inc.

Automating Across the Organization

At the Independent Evaluation Unit of the World Bank, we are using iMacros Enterprise Edition to automate information quality audits of institutional sites, and also to streamline our information gathering and research tasks without taxing corporate IT resources. iMacros' smooth integration with MS Excel and MS Access allow a quick implementation and great flexibility.

Alex McKenzie
The World Bank

The Right Partner

After considering a range of software solutions for integration in our WebTrans QoSM software, Agilent Technologies selected iMacros as the leading system for the enhancement of their web transaction monitoring functionality. iMacros's short learning curve, intuitive operation, powerful features and cost effectiveness, together with a demonstrated commitment to support, made the decision to select iMacros as component of the Agilent Technologies WebTrans software, an easy one.

Agilent Technologies

Real Business Value

I can do in 12 minutes what used to take a couple of hours. Multiply that over an entire company and your talking some real time.

Marty Sprenz
Optimi Corp

The ROI of iMacros

And thanks for a great product too. I have been able to automate a task that took 8 to 16 hours with iMacros. Now it runs unattended in less than 1/2 hour. The website we download reports from does not function well with IE or with Firefox, but iMacros Browser has no problems at all. Very impressive.

I worried a bit about getting a good ROI on the product at first, because of the price, but iMacros has easily saved me many times the cost in just the couple of months I have been using it.

David Wright

Integrating with Excel

I have been very pleased with your iOpus iMacros Program and the way I have been able to integrate it in my Excel VBA programs--using Excel data to make web inquiries and pulling data through the iMacros Scripting Interface and moving it back into Excel for entry or to use in making more detail inquiries possible back on the net. Your program has opened up a whole new realm of Excel automation for my clients.

Tommy Harrington

Saving Time and Money

We use the iMacros software in order to facilitate the automated downloading of telecom invoices for our clients from many many different vendors (like Bell, Rogers, AT&T..etc). Because of iMacros, we don't need any special treatment from phone vendors as we simply use the online interface they designed for their users. Imacros enables us to process much higher volumes of invoices per month for much cheaper (we don't have to hire extra staff to download invoices manually).

Nik Armstrong
Avema Inc.

Using a Macro to Automate Form Completion

I purchased iMacros to use with PeopleSoft to handle 'setup tables'. (multiple pages requiring similar information that take a long time to do manually). I was very happy with the performance. All I had to do was record a script of me entering data on one page. Save the recording. Then, edit the saved 'script' to have different data. Then, I could run it again and it was so much faster than entering all of those pages manually. I also used it to create some test data, which required data entry into several different Peoplesoft 'Components' (or menu groups). iMacros worked great.

Pat Leary

Automating Business Processes

At the Office of Enrollment Services at Indiana University Bloomington we have been using iMacros to automate data entry tasks into PeopleSoft. We’ve gradually been adding tasks and business processes, and have saved hundreds of hours of data entry time thus far. Recording the macros was easy; we’ve spent more time tuning the visual basic scripts to add error handling to account for occasional network inconsistencies, thus insuring that no data is dropped or lost in the event of app server or network interruptions.

Anne Palmer
Indiana University