iMacros is part of the Ipswitch family of tools and services.

Built by the iMacros Development Team

Built by the same development team behind iMacros, AlertFox is a subscription-based uptime and web performance monitoring service. With AlertFox you can easily find and resolve common web performance problems such as slow response times; failed transactions or time outs; bugs in Ajax, Flash or Silverlight front-end applets; and even user experience problems resulted from different locations or browsers.

What’s Behind AlertFox?

AlertFox runs iMacros on the backend monitoring servers (iMacros Player, iMacros Enterprise Bundle). The backend consists of Windows 2008 R2 servers (both 32-bit and 64-bit) and a Microsoft SQL Server (WISA stack). 1000s of browsers are opened and closed all the time (we execute millions of transactions each month!). All browsers are controlled by the iMacros Scripting Web Scripting interface, a very easy and robust API for automating web browsers. The website and test services are created in C++, C# and ASP.NET. The database is MS SQL 2008. We update all browsers and plugins to the latest versions every 2-3 months. We report changes on the AlertFox Web Performance Blog as well as updating this wiki page. System updates are usually be completely transparent (no monitoring downtime).

Real Web Browser Monitoring

AlertFox runs the following web browser on its backend:

  • iMacros Browser
  • Firefox, with iMacros for Firefox
  • IE, with iMacros for Internet Explorer
  • Google Chrome, with iMacros for Chrome
  • Flash Plugin
  • Silverlight Plugin
  • Java Plugin

A Complete Uptime and Performance Monitoring Solution

In-Depth Monitoring

AlertFox not only monitors the basics such as HTTP, DNS, and FTP for uptime and performance, it delves deep into all the technologies supporting your website including Flash*, Java*, Ajax*, Silverlight*, ActiveX*, and HTML5 to let you know if there’s slowdown or outage.

True Browser Experience

The best way to monitor a website is to do it from an end user’s perspective – that way you can see how well transactions are performing from your customer’s point of view. AlertFox makes this is easy with its true browser monitoring in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome.

Find Problems Fast

With AlertFox, you know when a problem occurs and you have what you need to find the cause. AlertFox not only monitors your website but it also tracks the performance and availability of the third party apps you rely on – like social or streaming video apps.

Alert the Team

If a monitored transaction is slow or down, you’ll know first. AlertFox makes it easy to stay on top of performance delays or downtime with email or SMS notification to inform the team. You can even assign alerts by web transaction and set custom notification escalation rules.

What Can You Do with AlertFox?


Monitor Your Website or Web Application

AlertFox monitors the uptime and performance of your website, not just letting you know that it's available but also informing you if delays exist in different customer interaction points such as an e-commerce checkout, portal login, or rich internet app errors.

With global monitoring points in the United States, Europe, and Asia, AlertFox makes it easy for you to ensure a quality customer experience.


in-depth monitoring

AlertFox can monitor your complex transactions from end-to-end, letting you know what's working as planned, and what's causing a delay.

This kind of detailed information makes it easy for you to find and troubleshoot web problems as well as ensure a quality experience for your website visitors.


See What Your Customers See

With real browser monitoring, AlertFox makes it easy for you track and monitor your website experience from your customer's point of view.

You know immediately when there's a problem that negatively effects your customer's experience. This type of detailed information makes it easy for your team to find and fix browser related problems.


Real-time Alerts & Notifications

You know first. The moment a transaction outage or slowdown occurs, AlertFox sends email or SMS notifications to your designated team members.

You can even prioritize and monitor what's important first, configuring custom alerts for each transaction, and setting custom escalation rules if a problem persists.


in depth performance reporting

Real-time, intuitive reports make it easy to see how simple and complex web transactions are performing

When a delay occurs, AlertFox shows you see exactly what step in the transaction is causing the delay, providing your team with the information they need to more readily find and fix the problem.


Root Cause Analysis

Detailed reports, including AlertFox's waterfall diagram show you when something is missing or what's potentially the root cause of a delay.

With this detailed information, your team can act quickly - fixing the problem at hand or establishing a workaround that ensures a quality customer experience.

With AlertFox, you find website performance problems before your customers do.