Recently, Mozilla removed all legacy add-ons (those that are not compatible with Firefox 57 and later) from the add-ons’ version history pages. Only add-ons implemented with the new WebExtensions API that are compatible with Firefox 57 (Quantum) and later are listed in their archive, which means only iMacros for Firefox 10 and newer will be

Available immediately, iMacros 12.5 is a maintenance release with many fixes, in particular: Support for client certificate dialogs in Windows 10. iMacros Browser handling of these certificates has been restored in all Windows versions as well. Support for authentication credentials dialogs (ONLOGIN) in Windows 10 IE11. Space characters are no longer replaced with <SP> when

Announcing iMacros for Firefox 10

Tuesday, 10 July 2018 by

Ipswitch is pleased to announce the release of iMacros for Firefox 10 with updates for both the Freeware and Personal editions. iMacros for Firefox 10 brings compatibility with Firefox Quantum (v56 and later) along with an updated, cleaner user interface and detachable sidebar. With thanks for input from our customers, partners, freeware users and beta

Attention Firefox users: As promised, the iMacros 10 for Firefox beta is now available and eagerly awaiting users just like you to download it, kick the tires, and provide us with your feedback during this pivotal moment in iMacros history! Of course, the biggest benefit of this release is compatibility with Firefox 56 and newer.

iMacros for Firefox Beta Coming Soon

Monday, 09 April 2018 by

Hello Firefox users, thank you for your continued patience as we continue to revamp iMacros for Firefox for the new WebExtensions framework implemented in current versions of Firefox. The road to this release has been much longer and more arduous than we anticipated, with some unique hurdles to overcome along the way. We regret that