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Using Firefox Nightly “Electrolysis” (e10s)? Then test the new iMacros for Firefox version! If you are a Firefox power user that uses always the latest and greatest version of the open-source browser, then we have good news for you: iMacros for Firefox V9.00 Beta is here. This version is a major upgrade to add compatibility with

iMacros 11 launched yesterday. V11’s new features and improvements extend iMacros’ technology lead in recording against more websites and more web control interactions than anyone else. New EVENT command to help automate JavaScript-heavy sites and recording tricky page elements like: Drag and Drop events, Slider control manipulation, Date and time selection from Date Picker controls

iMacros for Chrome V8.3.4 was released today. This release includes a great new feature – support for the ONDOWNLOAD command. Now you can automate file downloads in Chrome, too! The release also includes a number of defect fixes and minor enhancements. If you have iMacros for Chrome installed, your extension will auto-update in the next hours.

Using iMacros with JMeter, you can perform load tests with 100% realistic testing data to accurately reflect true end-user experiences. Most load testing tools simulate only the server side traffic that is generated by the browser at the HTTP layer. iMacros makes the difference by testing the complete web application inside the browser on the

Microsoft’s first Microsoft Browser Web Summit was held in Mountain View last week. It was a well organized and informative event. As our iMacros add-on lives in the IE, Firefox and Chrome web browsers, my specific interest was in how and when we can create extensions for new the Edge browser. Here is what I found

Introduction to iMacros

Thursday, 30 April 2015 by

What is iMacros? This new video explains it in less then two minutes:   Direct link:

iMacros Enterprise Edition V10.4 Released

Thursday, 16 April 2015 by

iMacros 10.4 was released on April 7, 2015. This is a maintenance release that includes a number of defect fixes and minor enhancements. Customers with an active service agreement can download the latest version from the Customer Portal. For the full list of changes in this release, please visit the Version History page.

New Download Manager in iMacros V10.3

Monday, 12 January 2015 by

This iMacros update features a completely rewritten and improved ONDOWNLOAD manager. The key differences between the old and the new download manager are that the new one is much better suited for mass-downloading, web performance monitoring and load testing. It also contains a dedicated variable to set the download timeout: !TIMEOUT_DOWNLOAD -> For more details and