Welcome to iMacros support. We’ve provided a number of resources you can use to get started with iMacros.

Product Support

One year of expert technical support is included with the iMacros Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition, and the iMacros WebBrowser Component for .NET products. We guarantee a 24 hour response time during working days. Typically we respond in less than 6 hours during weekdays. If required, our support engineers call back and/or use remote control software to diagnose issues on the spot.

Free Support Via the Community Forum

Free to all users including Firefox/Chrome add-on users and Personal Edition users. If you’d like to participate, please post the question in our public user forum. Our Community Forum is monitored by active iMacros users and our tech support staff. Every user benefits from the questions and answers provided in the forum, that is why we would ask you to post the question first if a public forum is appropriate for your question.

New to Web Automation Software?

If you’re new to web automation software, visit our resources page, and start with the videos in the section titled, See iMacros in Action: Video Tutorials

For the Web Automation Expert

If you’ve already familiar with web automation software, and would like to delve deeper into what you can do with iMacros, check out our detailed section in the iMacros Wiki on using the API to integrate iMacros with other applications.

Working with iMacros

We've put together a great set of website automation resources to help you get started with iMacros, If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Sample Code Library

iMacros comes with a large set of sample macros, batch files, and a variety of code examples from C++ to Javascript. If you use the default installation path, you'll find them in the Documents directory.

You can also access the sample code library by visiting our Wiki.

Command Reference

The Wiki includes a list of all commands (along with browser compatibility). Commands that are supported in all browsers work exactly the same in each browser, so macros created in the iMacros Browser (or Internet Explorer) can be replayed in iMacros for Firefox and vice versa. Browser specific differences are automatically handled by iMacros.

Error and Return Codes

As you work with the iMacros, you may run into issues where the macro you've created doesn't work, or maybe you're not sure if it's doing what you want it to do. Take a look at the Error and Returns Code section of our Wiki. There you'll find a detailed explanation that should help you resolve any issues.

If you still have questions, why not ask the Community Forum?