by / Thursday, 31 October 2013 / Published in Product Announcements

Incorporating a number of bug fixes and some significant performance tweaks, we’re pleased to announce the release of iMacros 9.05. To make sure all the updates meet your expectations, our QA team put this new release through intensive testing.

Overview & Key Updates

200px_manageWe’ve improved the usability of iMacros with a new “Manage” tab, providing direct access to Macro edit/delete/options and also to an integration with AlertFox, our website monitoring application. For those of you that use iMacros with our AlertFox website monitoring service, you can now create and manage web transaction tests from within iMacros.

What’s New

New: “Manage” tab for an improved user interface
New: Built-in AlertFox website monitoring integration – create and manage web transaction tests from within iMacros.
New: SCREENSHOT command

Updates to Functionality

Added: Support for the good, old and still popular Win XP + IE8
Added: CANCEL parameter in ONDOWNLOAD command to cancel an automatic download
Added: iMacros Browser now can open a new tab by (a) choosing “Open in New Tab” command from a link’s context menu, (b) clicking the link with the wheel button, or (c) holding the CTRL key while clicking the link
Added: Editor support to Play Macro in Sidebar, Firefox, and Chrome, besides iMacros Browser
Added: iimOpen (“-ie”) support for IE10. If no plugin is installed, it opens the external Sidebar
Improved: PROXY command

Bug Fixes

Fixed: EVENT:FAIL_IF_FOUND not working
Fixed: ONWEBPAGEDIALOG KEYS parameter recording both surrounding quotes and resulting in playback failure
Fixed: Image Wizard not replacing spaces by in the “Send MouseClick & Text”
This version is now built using the .NET 4 framework.